The Austin Bodies Project - My Passion Project

I've debated long and hard about whether to include this link to my passion project. If you know me already, you know I'm fascinated by and involved in the fitness community in Austin. I find the human body to be beautiful and mysterious and wonderful. I decided to begin a project to celebrate the human body with a focus on fitness of various kinds.

That doesn't mean that the bodies need to fit any definition of perfect. Rather, it's about people and their journeys and the results they've achieved.

I'm building up to this because I suspect that some of my visitors might be uncomfortable with the project. Why? Because all of my subjects are nude. That's what it's about. Not eroticism or sexuality, but about the unencumbered human body.

If I've got you intrigued, the please go visit the Austin Bodies Project website. Leave comments, share your thoughts, or just enjoy the images. Each of the people who has participated is a real, fallible human being who has been on a journey to achieve something. Read their stories and enjoy.