Thank you!

You took the first big step when you applied. Now you've taken the big second step to turn your Fabric of Dance Experience into a reality.

Here are a few reminders for you:

  • You will receive reminders from me so you don't forget the date and time

  • Your total session will be three hours or less, of which a big chunk will be getting your hair and makeup done

  • Basic wardrobe for you to bring will be basic dancewear in nude, black, white (we may decide on other colors - see below)
    • Simple top, no sleeves.
    • Briefs or shorts (bike, boy, other)
    • Leotard
  • We'll discuss your styling (makeup, hair, fabrics/wardrobe) and decide whether other colors are appropriate and whether you will bring some of your own wardrobe.

  • During your session, we will spend approximately one hour photographing you. You will dance and you will pose.

  • Don't forget to create a Spotify playlist of music you like to dance to and share that playlist with Doc List

  • We will have drinks of various kinds at the studio - if there's something specific you'd like to have, please let us know. We normally have water, Gatorade, juice, bubbly water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and maybe a few other things.

  • Bring a snack. After spending a while getting hair and makeup done, you might need energy before or after your session.

  • I will have at least one other person there with me, besides the hair and makeup artist. The other person will be assisting and capturing behind-the-scenes images and video.

  • After your session, I may post some images and would love to tag you. The info I need was included in the form you just filled out.

More than anything, more than great images of you dancing, I want you to have fun!

Many thanks,