Fabric of Dance Project Frequently Asked Questions


All sessions will be at my studio on Burnet Road near Research Boulevard. I'll send detailed directions before your session.

Hair? Makeup?

The package includes getting your / your dancer's hair and makeup (HMU) done, as well as some styling/wardrobe. One of the reasons I'm charging $150 is so I can pay my hair and makeup artists (HMUA) and cover a few random costs for wardrobe and fabrics.

Did you say wardrobe?

I have lots of fabrics and am building up my collection of wardrobe. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that I'll have the perfect item in the perfect size for everyone. If you have costumes or outfits that you love, and that fit the theme of "The Fabric of Dance", please feel free to bring them.

What are the basics to bring?

You/your dancer should bring leotards and/or sleeveless tops and shorts in nude, black, and white (or whichever you have). If you are a pointe dancer, please bring your pointe shoes. If you have wardrobe items that are specific to your style of dance, feel free to bring the (and props too, if you like).

Where will I change/dress?

I have a separate, spacious dressing/makeup room with a clothing rack. You'll be able to hang up whatever you bring, and you'll be able to change in there in private. Depending on which HMUA is working with you, your HMU will probably be done in that room too.


Just so we're clear, you/your dancer will be dancing for a sizable portion of our photo session. There are several ways to go for music: 1) you make a Spotify playlist and share it with me (Doc List), 2) you tell me one or more musical artists you like and we'll use them and people similar to them, or 3) I'll just pick. ;)

How long?

The total time will be 2 - 3 hours. The length depends on how long the HMU takes and how long you dance. I usually figure on 45 - 60 minutes of photography during the session.

Who can I bring? Who will you have there?

You are welcome to bring a few people along. I recommend bringing at least one other person just because you don't know me and I don't know you and I like to protect everyone's reputations. I will probably have an assistant, and I may have a separate person there capturing behind-the-scenes video and/or still images.

Do you have props?

I have some props - chairs of various sorts, hats, fans, masks - which we may decide to use. As I said earlier if you have some props you'd like to include, please bring them along.