I would love the opportunity to learn more about your wishes and desires for custom portraits, and to share with you some of the secrets that go into creating outstanding images which will exceed your expectations.

You have an array of choices in the style and content of your portrait. My goal is to inspire you to the possibilities for designing images that will touch your heart and become a cherished work of art.

I offer a-la-carte pricing which allows you to get exactly what you want. You may schedule your session with a $150 session fee which is payable at the time you book your appointment. I also offer a “No Session Fee” option if you book your session with a minimum order pre-payment of $400. This amount is due when you book your session and the entire amount will apply to your order.

Portrait Pricing


These distinguished prints are printed to exact specifications for visual enhancement and interpretation. In addition, the photograph is tastefully enhanced by a talented artist. The print is mounted onto durable artboard and coated with a beautiful spray texture or clear lacquer.

Size On Artboard On Canvas

Wall Portraits

Forty x Fifty (40x50) 1150 1450
Thirty x Forty (30x40) 895 1150
Twenty-four x Thirty (24x30) 595


Accent Sizes

Twenty x Twenty-four (20x24) 375 495
Sixteen x Twenty (16x20) 275 395

Gift Sizes

Eleven x Fourteen (11x14) 175 275
Eight x Ten (8x10) 95 195


These photographs feature quality image reproduction without the artistic interpretations of the Artist Series portraits. Images include minor retouching of blemishes and minimum finishing arts.

Size Print
Eight x Ten (8x10) 55
Five x Seven (5x7) 35
8 Wallet-size 45