Thank you for your interest in our program.

Here's our commitment to you, which you will receive in writing when you sign up.

  1. Doc List Photography will allow you to use gift certificates in the amount of $1,000 (good for an individual or family portrait session and one 11” x 14” portrait with canvas finish, and artistic enhancements) as “thank you” gifts to your clients at absolutely no cost to you or your clients.
  2. The above-mentioned gift shall be provided to your clients with no hidden fees or out-of-pocket expenses. Your clients shall only incur cost when they (as a result of their own desire) upgrade to a larger size, purchase additional portraits or purchase a frame.
  3. Doc List Photography will be responsible for all the printing cost of the gift certificates, cards, envelopes, etc.
  4. Doc List Photography will be responsible for addressing and mailing the gift certificates out to your clients. You will be responsible for providing Doc List Photography with the names and addresses on a monthly basis for the sole purpose of sending out the above-mentioned gift.
  5. Doc List Photography understands the extremely private nature of your client list and understands that it is acting as an agent on your behalf, and agrees that it shall be used exclusively for the above-mentioned purpose. Doc List Photography agrees to destroy the client list after each mailing.
  6. Doc List Photography agrees to make the overall experience of each client as positive as possible. This includes using no high-pressure sales at any time.