Is it time to get outside of - maybe way outside of - your comfort zone?

Whether you are a man or a woman, perhaps you've thought of having a boudoir or dudoir session done. And maybe you struggle with the idea of "looking sexy" in front of a photographer. Or - as I've heard more than once - you just don't feel comfortable trying to look sexy for the camera.

Maybe it's time to celebrate who you are and what you look like without trying to be anything you're not. Except you'll be naked.

Yes, I said naked. I've developed this look and this approach by working with dozens of people, finding different styles and looks that celebrate my model, reveal the beauty and strength that I see, and creating an overall experience that people love.

Here's what Brian Nelson, an all around athlete and soccer player, said...

I'm going to step outside my comfort zone for a second.

Before moving to Austin, I resolved to try new things and push myself in uncomfortable directions. I've had a lot of fun and anxiety as a result. Of course, when the opportunity arose to participate in a nude photography project, I was hesitant... but said yes.

In the coming weeks, the project will be rolling out and I might get tagged in some photos that could challenge conservative sensibilities. I've decided that I won't untag myself with the hope that my friends will appreciate the art and circumstance, and not fixate on the weirdness of seeing me naked (don't worry, my bits will be hidden).

All this to say that I don't mean to make anybody uncomfortable, but I do mean to make myself a little uneasy in the name of something I find kinda cool and interesting. Please avert your eyes if this isn't your thang.
It was a great time. Margot and I were invited to Doc List's "Austin Bodies Project" for a 90-minute session where we had tons of individual and paired photos taken. We had a chance to try some basic acroyoga poses, as well as take direction from a couple very talented acrobats.

This is the only photo released so far, and I'm excited to see the rest! Enjoy?


Here's what Natasha Carl, a ballerina who danced with Ballet Austin, said (and made me cry):

I can’t count the number of times I have heard, “look at you! You have no reason to feel bad about your body.” Yet self-esteem, anxiety, and depression do not discriminate. I had figure modeled before, but never posed nude in front of a camera. I was nervous to see a true image of myself without having an artist erase the parts they didn’t want to draw. Participating in Austin Bodies Project was a therapeutic experience for the mental image I had of myself. Not only did I feel exhilarated during and after the shoot, but I also had a jolt of contentment with my own body and inner self after seeing Doc’s beautiful creations. Doc has a glowing aura of kindness and acceptance around him, and he shares it with all the lives he touches.

Some people have posed for me more than once. In fact, they asked me if they could come back and do it again. When I asked them why, they said "because it's so much fun!"

Of course, being part of a public project is not for everyone. So I've created the Bodies Project Session for those of you who might like to be bold and have some fun, but don't want pictures seen publicly.