Direct Donations for Your Fundraiser

with Doc List Photography - Exceptional Portrait Art and Experience

It's as Easy as...


We deliver a beautiful display for the Auction. Our gorgeous framed portraits attract everyone's eyes and they imagine themselves in the portrait with their family. Everyone wants one!


Guests/Donors sign up on our form to donate $99 to your fundraiser event. For their donation they will receive a temporary voucher. As soon as you give us the list of donors, we mail them a custom $500 Gift Certificate and Portrait Guide for their session with Doc List Photography.


Instead of just one donation for a Gift Certificate your fundraiser could receive dozens of donations totaling far more than the single item. Your organization keeps all of the donations and we provide everything else to the donors.

That's the beauty of Direct Donation. Easy as 1-2-3!

Gonzalez Family Portrait-framed FlorentineGonzalez Family Portrait-framed Florentine Winner Girls Portrait-framed EnglishWinner Girls Portrait-framed English