Here are my top reasons why you shouldn't hire me...

1. You're price shopping

I'm not the cheapest photographer you'll find. I believe that the quality I deliver doesn't come cheaply.  I put my heart and soul into what I do, and I love it beyond simple words.

2. You want shoot and share

"Shoot and share" happens when you have a photo session, and then the photographer gives you access to the images on a website, or gives you a thumb drive, or gives you a CD/DVD. I believe in wall art, books, and albums. Under rare circumstances I'll do an engagement in which I only deliver digital files. But you don't really want me if that's what you want*. I love making sure that each and every image is a work of art.

Note: this does not apply to headshots since most people want headshots as digital files for social media or websites.

3. You want quick, quick, quick!

I'm not slow, but I do take the time to make sure that both you and I are thrilled with the images. That means that I review every image, and will probably touch most or all of them. So it might take longer than some, and it'll be worth it!


On an ongoing basis, I invest in continuing education, practicing my craft, doing my own shoots, and creating amazing experiences for my clients. I work with some amazing mentors and peers, who give me honest feedback and guidance, and challenge me to continue to grow and improve.

My clients seem to love me. I guess I'm doing something right. Hopefully, when you hire me in spite of all this, you will also love me.

Fortunately, I'm happy to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No one has used it yet.